1. Craft Beer Bride

    One may think that beer and fitness can’t exist in the same blog. Well, here they are. Existing. Oh, no I didn’t! Yeah, I did.


    So far picking out beer is becoming my favorite part of wedding planning. Finding something special for your guests personalizes your big day more than a bottle of Bud ever could. Plus it’s something your groom will get behind doing with you. Here’s how I’m becoming a craft beer bride.

    1. Consult the Venue.

    You never know what funky rules your venue might have so be sure to ask before you bring in the kegs or vintage canoes filled with bottles. You might even be pleasantly surprised and find that they offer their own awesome micro-brewed menu.  Craft beers are becoming increasingly common at weddings but they still aren’t standard so just make sure you’re following the rules.


    2. Go Local!

    There are over 2400 craft breweries in the US. Going local and picking brews from where your wedding is not only helps narrow it down but can also reduce your prices. It also gives you the chance to visit the breweries for tastings and form relationships with the people who work there. If you can’t find anything to tickle your fancy close to the wedding location go for brews from you and your groom’s hometowns.

    3. Think About the Menu.

    Good beer is like wine. Its flavor can change with what you’re eating and vice-versa. You need to keep in mind what type of food you’re serving and when. If your festivities are outside in the sun odds are people won’t want to be bogged down by a heavy stout.  Being savvy about beer pairings can step up your reception and make for an interactive experience your foodie friends will appreciate.


    4. Total Wine It.

    If you have the privilege of living next to what I affectionately call The Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory for adults, take advantage of knocking out your shopping at one place. Total Wine has a great web site you can use to help make a list before you go. When you’re ready to shop hit up the aisles that sell bottles and cans individually. You’re already getting married to a guy so don’t marry yourself to a six-pack of something you haven’t tried if you don’t have to.


    5. Get Decent Glasses.

    Those pretty craft beer glasses help elevate the flavor and makes you look fancy. Standard wedding etiquette forbids brides from drinking out of the bottle so be prepared to class it up and brush up on your glass knowledge. I found a set of 6 different beer glasses for specific types of brews (instructions included) at Total Wine for 20 bucks. You can also go the personalized route and get yourself and the groom, the wedding party if you like them enough, engraved beer glasses online. They make for great photo ops!


    6. Take Notes.

    You’re not going to remember how you felt about the IPA you tried two weeks ago. A notebook is a must! Take notes on the color, the head, the flavor, and grade it. I use A-F but it could be just about anything as long as you know what you were saying when you look back and make final decisions.

    7. Don’t Go Crazy.

    Don’t go crazy in more ways than one. Don’t blow your budget. Don’t freak out over picking something. Don’t pick a dozen craft beers (unless that’s what you really want!). Don’t waste your money on obscure flavors no one will want to keep drinking (if bacon beer is your thing, kudos). Use beer as a way to cut down on your liquor and make it easier on yourself, not harder. Best of luck to you, my innovative bride. I raise my glass to you.



  2. Busy schedule? Totally feel ya. Tonight I had to throw stuff in the oven while working out. I just hit pause during the breaks and scurried over to to the kitchen so the future hubs and I can eat a little earlier.

    If you can’t do an hour workout do a 30 minute one. If you can’t do a 30 minute workout do a 10 minute one. Just do what you can to make yourself better!!

    Sorry for the cheesy leg pic but as a bird legged gal my growing quads make me ecstatic. :D


  3. Sorry I’ve been MIA! I’ve been posting on a company Instagram. Anywho I got in an awesome workout today- P90X3’s MMX. Does pretty amazing things for the mind as well as the body. I think I need to take some Krav Maga classes…


  4. I love the simplicity and efficiency of weighted leg workouts. Adding a weight to the quad makes that kick tough.. And when you slow the kick down? Forget about it. Sweat all the sweat. Love leg day!! :D


  5. I hate working out for more than 30 minutes!! Here is a sweet tip from P90X3 to get the most out of your time: slow your roll! ;) Slow and controlled movements promote muscle growth. You don’t need to lift for hours to get results!


  6. Gross and sweaty at 9pm? You bet. Gotta get my P90X3 on! #noexcuses


  7. Oatmeal boring you? Not enough calories, protein, etc? Elevate it. Adding egg whites, almond butter (mine is chocolate, mm), honey, blueberries, cinnamon, and granola gives it more of a punch in flavor and nutrition. If you portion it all correctly you can keep it under 450 calories. Hooray!


  8. Work out your body because you love it, not hate it. Isometric training is a beautiful way to work with and against your body- using its own weight as the resistance. In the end it’s a win-win! I feel so refreshed. :)


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  10. Balance poses are great to break away from a stressful day. I do tree on each leg for three breaths to feel refreshed.
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